even use of default engines leaks memory
[openssl.git] / STATUS
2001-06-11 Bodo Möllereven use of default engines leaks memory
2001-06-04 Richard LevitteMore info on SRP.
2001-06-04 Richard LevitteAdded more info in SRP.
2001-05-30 Richard LevitteA wish was expressed.
2001-04-09 Bodo Möllerupdate (0.9.6a)
2001-04-03 Richard LevitteReports on Windows, DG-UX and older OpenVMS.
2001-04-02 Richard LevitteReports on VMS.
2001-04-01 Richard LevitteA few more reports.
2001-03-31 Richard LevitteNote reports.
2001-03-30 Richard Levittelinux-elf verified.
2001-03-30 Richard LevitteBeta 3 has been released and announced.
2001-03-22 Richard LevitteSmall AIX problems solved.
2001-03-22 Richard LevitteA lot of reports.
2001-03-22 Bodo MöllerHarmonize CHANGES and STATUS files between the 0.9...
2001-02-22 Bodo Möllere_os.h problems have been solved in the main branch.
2001-01-23 Bodo MöllerMore on the e_os.h mess ...
2001-01-12 Bodo Möllernote strncpy problem
2001-01-11 Bodo MöllerRemove "AVAILABLE PATCH" that has now been applied.
2001-01-10 Bodo MöllerAdd new items:
2001-01-10 Bodo MöllerLast time I asked, no-one appeared to remember if these...
2000-12-13 Dr. Stephen HensonReplace the old style OCSP ASN1 module.
2000-11-19 Richard LevitteI wonder if I do too much...
2000-10-26 Richard LevitteMerge the engine branch into the main trunk. All confl...
2000-10-23 Bodo MöllerCert chain verification is useable by now.
2000-10-23 Bodo Möllerinternal_verify now does know about extensions
2000-09-24 Richard LevitteUpdate the status and version number to 0.9.7-dev.
2000-09-24 Richard LevitteForgot to change the STATUS file...
2000-09-23 Ulf Möllertlhelp32.h
2000-09-22 Richard LevitteProblem on FreeBSD/Alpha fixed.
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteMore reports
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteMore reports
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteMore reports
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteMore reports
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteMore reports.
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteTests so far.
2000-09-21 Richard LevitteTests so far.
2000-09-21 Richard LevittePrepare STATUS for the beta 3 reports.
2000-09-20 Bodo MöllerAdditions for 0.9.6.
2000-09-20 Richard LevitteReports about a few old systems.
2000-09-19 Richard LevitteIt seems like all HP-UX are successes as soon as the...
2000-09-19 Richard LevitteA few more HP-UX reports. Reported by Kevin Steves...
2000-09-18 Ulf MöllerNote the BN_mod_exp_word bug. (Markus Friedl provided...
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteA couple more reports.
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteA few more reports
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteA few more reports
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteA few more reports
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteHP-UX didn't go through
2000-09-18 Richard LevitteThe test status as it has been reported so far
2000-09-17 Richard LevitteDeclare the availability of beta 2 in STATUS.
2000-09-17 Richard LevitteVMS didn't work out too well...
2000-09-13 Richard LevitteOne more passed test
2000-09-13 Richard LevitteUpdate info on what has been fixed
2000-09-13 Richard LevitteUpdate info on what has been fixed, and switch format...
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerMore Windows failures reported
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteA few more systems reported successfull.
2000-09-12 Ulf Möllerbug: RAND_poll().
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteHolger Reif reports a few more Solaris successes.
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteNote the failure on Win32
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteFreeBSD and solaris with gcc passed
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteLinux in Sparc v7 passed
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteSCO 5.0.5 with both gcc and cc passed
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteA couple more HP-UX targets tested.
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteFailure on Solaris when using the CSwift card.
2000-09-11 Richard Levittelinux-elf passed
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteReports for OpenBSD 2.7 and HP-UX 10.20
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteTime to release a beta. Change the status accordingly.
2000-09-07 Richard LevitteAnother thing I'm working on.
2000-07-02 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate STATUS.
2000-06-14 Richard LevitteAdd info on what some other people are currently workin...
2000-05-26 Dr. Stephen HensonBeginnings of EVP cipher overhaul. This should eventually
2000-04-14 Bodo MöllerNew function ERR_error_string_n.
2000-04-01 Richard LevitteRelease done, change status.
2000-03-25 Richard LevitteVi, again
2000-03-25 Richard LevitteInfo on proposed release date
2000-03-25 Richard LevitteAnother VAX environment passed
2000-03-25 Richard LevitteVI gave me 4-space tabs... Corrected
2000-03-25 Richard LevitteOne VAX environment passed
2000-03-24 Geoff Thorpeanother one done.
2000-03-24 Richard LevitteMore info in the Win32 test
2000-03-24 Richard LevitteGeoff Thorpe reports a whole bunch of tests passing.
2000-03-24 Richard LevitteAnother VMS/Alpha with a much more evil compiler passed...
2000-03-24 Richard LevitteVMS on Alpha passed
2000-03-23 Ulf MöllerTest results.
2000-03-23 Richard LevitteUpdate status
2000-03-21 Ulf Möllermore failures
2000-03-21 Ulf MöllerMore failures.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteUlf M\81öller reports OpenBSD-x86 and solaris-sparcv9...
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteJaenick Lutz reports that hpux-parisc-cc with +02 passed.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteRef: Message-ID: <20000320070111.A90876@wiz.Sendmail...
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteI just got a not very pleasant report.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteNew status
2000-03-06 Ulf Möllerbug fix release planned
2000-02-28 Ulf MöllerShared library support for Solaris and HPUX
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTagging has been done, time to switch to 0.9.6-dev.
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTime for a release
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteA few more tests were reported.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteMore platforms passed the test.
2000-02-27 Andy PolyakovMore tests passed.
2000-02-27 Ulf Möllerworks on solaris
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteUpdate the OpenVMS/VAX status