Add minimum POP3 STLS hack to s_client.c (as was provided for STARTTLS before)
[openssl.git] / NEWS
2003-04-10 Richard LevitteAdd the 0.9.6j news.
2003-04-10 Richard LevitteNew NEWS
2003-02-19 Richard LevitteUpdate release information
2002-12-06 Richard LevitteKeep NEWS in HEAD up to date.
2002-11-18 Richard LevitteAdd news items for 0.9.6h and expand on the 0.9.7 news...
2002-08-12 Richard LevitteUpdate with the status for 0.9.6g.
2002-08-08 Richard Levitte0.9.6f is released
2002-07-30 Lutz Jänicke0.9.6e and 0.9.7-beta3 are out.
2002-07-10 Lutz JänickeMinor typos
2002-07-04 Bodo MöllerAES cipher suites are now official (RFC3268)
2002-06-17 Bodo Möllertypo
2002-06-12 Lutz JänickeMake change uniqueIdentifier -> x500UniqueIdentifier...
2002-05-05 Bodo Möllerupdate
2002-04-18 Lutz JänickeHandle headings uniformly to allow automatic processing.
2002-04-11 Lutz JänickeSynchronize with 0.9.7-stable.
2001-12-20 Richard LevitteSynchronise with the 0.9.6 branch.
2001-11-12 Bodo Möllerinformation on 0.9.6c-engine
2001-11-12 Mark J. CoxPhew, finished
2001-11-12 Mark J. CoxI've still got one left; the backport of the Broadcom...
2001-11-12 Bodo Möllerthe PRNG race conditions were mostly a theoretical...
2001-11-12 Bodo Mölleradd changes between OpenSSL 0.9.6b and OpenSSL 0.9.6c
2001-09-11 Bodo Möllerupdate
2001-03-30 Bodo MöllerNews for 0.9.6a.
2001-03-29 Richard LevitteStress the news about the name change.
2001-03-28 Richard LevitteAdd news section for OpenSSL 0.9.6a. Please add what...
2000-12-20 Ulf Möllerbranches have been merged.
2000-11-19 Richard LevitteAdd news items early. Please fill in with what I have...
2000-09-23 Ulf Möllerspelling
2000-09-22 Dr. Stephen HensonOnly use the new informational verify codes if we
2000-09-20 Richard LevitteAdd news and a description of the ENGINE part and how...
2000-09-20 Bodo MöllerAdditions for 0.9.6.
2000-09-20 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd docs for X509_get_ext_d2i() function.
2000-03-20 Ulf MöllerMention the bug fixes.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteThere are a few new features in 0.9.5a... And I've...
2000-02-24 Ulf Möllernicer manpages
2000-02-21 Bodo MöllerMore news.
2000-02-19 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd -clrext option to 'x509'
2000-02-06 Ulf MöllerBN bug fixes
2000-01-30 Ulf MöllerUpdate docs: corrections, turn buffer docs into manpage...
2000-01-28 Bodo Möllermore information on 0.9.5
2000-01-28 Dr. Stephen HensonNew -pkcs12 option to
2000-01-27 Ulf MöllerNew news.
1999-08-07 Bodo Mölleradd some more entries for 0.9.4
1999-08-06 Dr. Stephen HensonFix -startdate and -enddate arguments to 'ca' program...
1999-05-18 Ulf Möllerno-xxx options.
1999-05-17 Bodo MöllerSubstitute spaces for tab.
1999-05-17 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious clarifications to extension docs: change the...
1999-05-17 Ulf MöllerMention Andy's assembler stuff.
1999-05-04 Ulf MöllerTypo. (You ought to trademark "Configurion". :)
1999-05-01 Ralf S. EngelschallStart assembling some NEWS entries....
1999-03-23 Ralf S. EngelschallTypo
1999-03-22 Ralf S. EngelschallAdd latest changes to NEWS file
1999-03-06 Ralf S. EngelschallTypo :-)
1999-03-06 Ralf S. EngelschallAdd a first cut for a NEWS document similar to what...