Harden ASN.1 BIO handling of large amounts of data.
[openssl.git] / NEWS
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1t-dev
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1s release OpenSSL_1_0_1s
2016-03-01 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for new release
2016-03-01 Viktor DukhovniDisable EXPORT and LOW SSLv3+ ciphers by default
2016-03-01 Viktor DukhovniDisable SSLv2 default build, default negotiation and...
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1s-dev
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1r release OpenSSL_1_0_1r
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellFurther updates to CHANGES and NEWS
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS ready for release
2015-12-03 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1r-dev
2015-12-03 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1q release OpenSSL_1_0_1q
2015-12-03 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1q-dev
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1p release OpenSSL_1_0_1p
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2015-06-12 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1p-dev
2015-06-12 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1o release OpenSSL_1_0_1o
2015-06-12 Matt CaswellUpdated CHANGES and NEWS entries for new release
2015-06-11 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1o-dev
2015-06-11 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1n release OpenSSL_1_0_1n
2015-06-11 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS
2015-03-19 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1n-dev
2015-03-19 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1m release OpenSSL_1_0_1m
2015-03-19 Matt CaswellUpdate NEWS file
2015-03-19 Matt CaswellRemove overlapping CHANGES/NEWS entries
2015-01-15 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1m-dev OpenSSL_1_0_1-pre-reformat
2015-01-15 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1l release OpenSSL_1_0_1l
2015-01-15 Matt CaswellUpdates to CHANGES and NEWS
2015-01-08 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1l-dev
2015-01-08 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1k release OpenSSL_1_0_1k
2015-01-08 Matt CaswellCHANGES and NEWS updates for release
2014-10-15 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1k-dev
2014-10-15 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1j release OpenSSL_1_0_1j
2014-10-15 Matt CaswellUpdates to NEWS
2014-08-06 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1j-dev
2014-08-06 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.1i release OpenSSL_1_0_1i
2014-08-06 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2014-07-02 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate release notes
2014-06-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2014-06-05 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1i-dev
2014-06-05 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1h release OpenSSL_1_0_1h
2014-06-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate CHANGES and NEWS
2014-04-07 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1h-dev
2014-04-07 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1g release OpenSSL_1_0_1g
2014-04-07 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS.
2014-03-12 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2014-02-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2014-02-14 Dr. Stephen HensonBackport TLS padding extension from master.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS.
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS: removal of time in handshakes.
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1g-dev
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.1f release OpenSSL_1_0_1f
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen HensonFix for TLS record tampering bug CVE-2013-4353
2014-01-02 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2013-12-09 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd release dates to NEWS
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'no_gmt_unix_time' of git://github.com...
2013-09-16 Bodo MoellerSync CHANGES and NEWS files.
2013-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen HensonReword NEWS entry.
2013-02-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS
2013-01-31 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge branch 'ben/timing-1.0.1' into OpenSSL_1_0_1...
2013-01-31 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS
2012-07-05 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-05-10 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-04-26 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-04-19 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-04-18 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-03-13 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-02-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2012-01-02 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2011-10-10 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd some entries for 1.0.1 in NEWS.
2011-10-10 Dr. Stephen Hensonsync NEWS with 1.0.0 branch
2011-02-08 Bodo MöllerOCSP stapling fix (OpenSSL 0.9.8r/1.0.0d)
2011-02-08 Bodo MöllerSynchronize with 1.0.0 branch
2011-02-03 Bodo Möllerfix omission
2011-02-03 Bodo MöllerCVE-2010-4180 fix (from OpenSSL_1_0_0-stable)
2010-06-16 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2010-06-01 Dr. Stephen HensonFix CVE-2010-1633 and CVE-2010-0742.
2010-05-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate NEWS
2010-03-29 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for 1.0.0 release - finally ;-) OpenSSL_1_0_0
2010-02-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate FAQ, NEWS
2010-02-12 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate references to new RI RFC
2010-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepare for beta5 release
2009-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonFix RFC num. OpenSSL_1_0_0-beta2
2009-04-01 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd another one...
2009-03-31 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2009-03-30 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate STATUS and NEWS.
2009-03-28 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS file.
2007-10-19 Lutz JänickeRelease OpenSSL 0.9.8g with various fixes to issues...
2007-10-12 Ben Laurie0.9.8f.
2007-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate FAQ,NEWS in HEAD.
2006-09-28 Bodo Möllerinclude 0.9.8d and 0.9.7l information
2006-09-06 Bodo MöllerMake consistent with 0.9.8-branch version of this file
2006-09-05 Mark J. CoxAvoid PKCS #1 v1.5 signature attack discovered by Danie...
2005-10-26 Bodo MöllerAdd fixes for CAN-2005-2969.
2005-07-05 Richard LevitteChanges from the 0.9.8 branch.
2005-05-30 Richard LevitteMerge in the new news from 0.9.8-stable.
2005-04-11 Richard LevitteAdd a NEWS item for 0.9.7g.
2004-10-25 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate NEWS