Fix no-ocsp
[openssl.git] / Configurations / 99-personal-steve.conf
2016-03-02 Richard LevitteConfigure - Get rid of the special thread_cflag, replac...
2016-03-02 Richard LevitteConfigure - move the addition of the zlib / libz lib...
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteRemove comments saying you must do 'make -f Makefile...
2016-01-29 Richard LevitteComplete the lflags -> lflags/ex_libs transition
2016-01-29 Rich SalzRemove x86_gcc_des,x86_gcc_opts
2016-01-28 Rich SalzRemove outdated legacy crypto options
2016-01-12 Rich SalzMove Makefiles to
2015-11-24 Jacob Bandes-StorchAdd perl modeline to Configure scripts
2015-11-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd -pthread to debug-steve*
2015-04-15 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove obsolete options for debug-steve*
2015-03-16 Richard LevitteConfiguration cleanup: personal configs