Generate dependency information
[openssl.git] / Configurations / 10-main.conf
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamGenerate dependency information
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamBuild resource files
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamSupport DLL builds + Fix C RTL variants
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamReplace "ld_wildcard_args" with "bin_lflags"
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamGeneralize link rule in windows-makefile.tmpl
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamGeneralize delimiter in archiver response file
2021-04-19 Tanzinul IslamMove VS Tools configuration to VC-common target
2021-04-01 luyahanAdd riscv64 target
2021-01-06 David CARLIERMac M1 setting change proposal.
2020-12-14 Sebastian Andrzej... Configurations: PowerPC is big endian
2020-08-10 C.W. BettsInitial Apple Silicon support.
2020-07-19 Jean-Christophe... Fix linking against non-system zlib on macOS
2020-07-15 aSoujyuTanakaTo generate makefile with correct parameters for WinCE.
2020-07-04 Richard LevitteConfiguration and build: Fix solaris tags
2020-06-28 Richard LevitteConfigurations: drop toolchain from configuration targets
2020-06-27 Attila SzakacsConfiguration: do not overwrite BASE_unix ex_libs in AIX
2020-06-18 Matthias KraftConfigure DEPs for FIPS provider on AIX.
2020-06-12 John BaldwinUse the inherited 'bsd-gcc-shared' config on 32-bit...
2020-05-15 Orgad ShanehConfigure: Avoid SIXTY_FOUR_BIT for linux-mips64
2020-02-13 Christopher J ZurcherAdd assembly config targets for UEFI build
2019-12-11 Veres LajosFix some typos
2019-11-10 Richard LevitteConfiguration: make Solaris builds with gcc recognise...
2019-11-02 Richard LevitteConfigure: Make --strict-warnings meaningful with MSVC cl
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize local header files
2019-07-02 Rich SalzRemove EXPORT_VAR_AS_FUNC
2019-07-01 Rich SalzRemove NextStep support
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteConfigure: final cleanup of asm related things
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove poly1305_asm_src file information to
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove chacha_asm_src file information to
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove modes_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove rc4_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove sha1_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove aes_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove cpuid_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove bn_asm_src file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteConfigure: add mechanism to specify asm target architecture
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove uplink file information to files
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteConfigure: add mechanism to specify uplink target archi...
2019-06-10 MouriNarutoImprove the Windows OneCore target support. (Add target...
2019-05-28 Richard LevitteConfigure: link AIX modules correctly
2019-04-09 Richard LevitteConfigurations/10-main.conf: Don't inherit assembler...
2019-03-05 Richard LevitteVMS: move copy_argc to its own module and make it an...
2019-02-19 Matthias KraftFix reference to symbol 'main'.
2019-02-11 Richard LevitteRework build: add special cases for AIX
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteVMS: force 'pinshared'
2019-01-21 Richard LevitteRework building: Unix changes to handle extensions...
2019-01-21 Richard LevitteRework building: Windows changes to handle extensions...
2019-01-04 Matt CaswellIntroduce a no-pinshared option
2018-12-05 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: remove MIPS bn_div_3_words.
2018-11-24 Richard LevitteVMS config: Typo fix, as -> AS
2018-10-01 Richard LevitteRefactor linker script generation
2018-09-14 Richard LevitteVMS: turn on name mangling for all our programs
2018-07-24 Richard LevitteConfigure: print generic advice when dying
2018-06-22 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: always pass -bsrv4 to...
2018-06-22 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/unix-Makefile.tmpl: switch to "natural...
2018-06-21 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: IRIX configs unification.
2018-06-14 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: improve Makefile readabili...
2018-06-14 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: move hpux-shared flags...
2018-06-13 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: replace -bexpall with...
2018-06-13 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: AIX configs unification.
2018-06-13 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: reinstate soname on Solaris.
2018-06-08 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/*.conf: ios targets face-lift.
2018-04-29 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: force no-engine on ios...
2018-04-09 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: further HP-UX cleanups...
2018-04-08 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: clean up HP-UX targets...
2018-03-29 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: fix VC-noCE-common template.
2018-03-26 Rich SalzRemove QNX support
2018-03-22 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: correct AIX targets.
2018-03-21 Matthias KraftAdd dladdr() for AIX
2018-03-15 Sebastian Andrzej... Configure: allow to enable afalgeng if target does...
2018-03-14 Richard LevitteRemove '-Wextra' as default user flags for the Linux...
2018-03-13 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/*.conf: overhaul Android targets.
2018-03-10 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: VC-<target> cleanups.
2018-03-09 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/windows-makefile.tmpl: simplify install...
2018-03-09 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: amend out-dated comments.
2018-03-09 Richard LevitteConfigure et al: Move the definition of library only...
2018-03-08 Richard LevitteRemove useless -D_ENDIAN from MPE/iX-gcc config
2018-03-08 Richard LevitteConfigurations/10-main.conf: Duplicate cflags to cxxflags
2018-03-08 Richard LevitteAdd space to asoutflag value where appropriate
2018-03-08 Richard LevitteMake "make variables" config attributes for overridable...
2018-03-06 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/10-main.conf: add -fno-common back to...
2018-02-15 Richard LevitteAIX: make sure that the arflags value includes the...
2018-02-14 Richard LevitteVMS: build ia64 assembler files if 'ias' is available
2018-02-14 Richard LevitteVMS: add the possibility to use Itanium assembler with...
2018-02-14 Richard LevitteBuild files: parametrize cpp
2018-02-14 Richard LevitteVMS: simplify config targets
2018-02-09 Richard LevitteConfiguration: move the handling of zlib_include to...
2018-01-31 Richard LevitteApps: divide the modules in direct command modules...
2018-01-29 Richard LevitteFix recent typo. -DL_ENDIAN / -DB_ENDIAN, not -DL_DEBI...
2018-01-28 Richard LevitteTreat C++ flags more like C flags, and only if C++...
2018-01-28 Richard LevitteFix WinCE config target
2018-01-28 Richard LevitteMake sure all our config targets inherit a BASE template
2018-01-28 Richard LevitteProcessing GNU-style "make variables" - implementation
2018-01-28 Richard LevitteProcessing GNU-style "make variables" - separate CPP...
2018-01-23 Richard LevitteAdd anything specifying a threads library to ex_libs
2018-01-08 pass86Fix spelling: adroideabi -> androideabi
2018-01-08 Richard LevitteSeparate general linking flags from extra libraries
2018-01-08 Richard LevitteClean up uClinux targets
2018-01-04 Rich SalzRemove old config that used non-exist util script
2017-12-12 Richard LevitteConfigure et al: cleanups