OSSL_HTTP_transfer.pod: clarify that resulting BIO must be freed
[openssl.git] / .github /
2021-09-26 Paulici: add additional operating system specific builds
2021-09-24 Dmitry BelyavskiyFIPS and KTLS may interfere
2021-09-21 Paulici: add copyright header to CI scripts
2021-09-02 PauliCI: add last run-checker fuzzing CIs to Actions
2021-09-02 a1346054always use the same perl in $PATH
2021-08-31 PauliAdd additional test to thread sanitizer build
2021-08-31 PauliCI: add builds covering a number of different compiler...
2021-08-05 PauliCI: remove spurious blank lines
2021-08-05 Paulici: specific gcc explicitly on the basic-gcc CI build
2021-08-05 Paulici: separate the config dump from the configuration...
2021-07-28 Paulici: disable async for the SH4 build and reenable the...
2021-07-28 Paulici: get rid of no-asm flag to m68k cross compiles
2021-07-28 Paulici: add the param conversion tests to the cross compiles.
2021-07-28 PauliQEMU: include test runs for most cross compilation...
2021-07-27 Tomas MrazTest ktls in non-default options CI build
2021-07-27 Tomas MrazDrop no-ktls from runchecker daily build as it has...
2021-07-23 Paulici: QEMU based cross compiled testing
2021-07-23 Paulici: reinstate the passwd tests for the no-cached-fetch...
2021-07-21 Paulici: omit tests that consume too much memory
2021-07-16 Tomas MrazDrop daily run-checker build with just enable-acvp...
2021-07-16 Tomas MrazCI: have enable-acvp-tests in some CI build
2021-07-01 Paulici: add a memory sanitiser test run
2021-06-23 Robbie HarwoodUpdate dependencies for krb5 external test
2021-06-12 Paulici: run the on pull request CIs on push to master
2021-06-12 Richard LevitteWindows GitHub CI: Introduce --strict-warnings
2021-06-12 Richard LevitteWindows Github CI: test in Windows 2016 as well
2021-06-11 Tomas MrazWindows CI: Enable fuzz test in plain build
2021-06-04 Rich SalzAdd md-nits task
2021-06-03 Dr. David von OheimbCI windows.yml: Silence 'nmake' builds except 'minimal...
2021-06-02 Jon SpillettAdd enable-fips to CI configuration
2021-06-01 Tomas MrazWindows CI: enable fips on shared 64 bit build
2021-06-01 Pauliadd some cross compilation builds
2021-05-27 Tomas MrazFIPS Checksums: checkout the head of the base repo...
2021-05-27 Tomas MrazFIPS Checksums CI: use separate directories for the...
2021-05-25 Tomas MrazFIPS checksums CI: use merge checkout to compute the...
2021-05-25 Tomas MrazWindows CI: properly drop test_fuzz* tests to speed...
2021-05-25 Tomas MrazWindows CI: Add make install step on the shared 64...
2021-05-24 Tomas MrazWindows CI: use nasm on 32bit and 64bit shared builds
2021-05-24 Tomas MrazAdd some basic Windows builds to the Windows CI workflow
2021-05-21 Tomas MrazFIPS label CI: Save PR number and use it
2021-05-21 Tomas MrazExchange no-siv and no-ec2m between daily and ci workflows
2021-05-19 Dr. David von Oheimbunix-Makefile.tmpl and ci.yml: Merge cmd-nits into...
2021-05-19 Paulifips: remove unnecessary commas to get CI working
2021-05-19 Tomas MrazAvoid failing label removal if label is not there
2021-05-19 Tomas MrazSeparate FIPS checksum and labelling into different...
2021-05-18 Dr. David von Oheimbci.yml: Add cmd-nits to the doc-nits CI run
2021-05-16 Paulici: remove the checksum CI script
2021-05-14 Rich SalzAdd --banner config option
2021-05-13 Tomas MrazEnsure the pristine checksums are not recomputed
2021-05-13 Tomas MrazThe FIPS Checksums job must be run on pull_request_target
2021-05-13 Tomas MrazRemove the severity: fips change label if fips checksum...
2021-05-13 Tomas MrazSet the severity: fips change label if fips checksum...
2021-05-13 Tomas MrazAdd checksums github CI action
2021-05-12 PauliRun-checker converted to GitHub Actions
2021-05-12 Paulicoveralls: fix comment to indicate daily not weekly
2021-05-04 Tomas MrazRun coveralls daily and not exactly at midnight
2021-05-04 Tomas Mrazcoveralls: Enable fips as it is disabled by default
2021-05-04 Richard Levitte[TEMPORARY] make 'make update' verbose in ci.yml
2021-05-04 Richard LevitteGitHub CI: ensure that unifdef is installed
2021-04-28 Tomas MrazExplicitly enable or disable fips if it is or is not...
2021-04-27 Paul Kehreradd verbosity for pyca job
2021-04-27 Paul Kehrerre-add pyca/cryptography testing
2021-04-19 Tomas MrazUpdate krb5 module to latest release
2021-04-15 Richard LevitteGithub workflows: re-implement a no-shared build
2021-04-01 Shane LontisAdd macosx build
2021-03-31 Shane LontisTest miminal windows build using Github actions
2021-03-31 Richard LevitteRe-implement ANSI C building with a Github workflow
2021-03-26 Tomas MrazRemove the external BoringSSL test
2021-03-24 Shane LontisAdd coveralls to CI
2021-03-17 Paulici: add a no-legacy build
2021-03-15 Tomas MrazUse --debug with no-caching build as sanitizers need it
2021-03-05 Tomas MrazCI external tests: separate each external test into...
2021-03-05 Tomas MrazCI external test: for now run only the krb5 and gost_en...
2021-03-05 Tomas Mrazgost_engine test: Run also perl and tcl tests
2021-03-05 Tomas MrazCI: add job with external tests
2021-02-12 PauliCI: add a non-caching CI loop
2021-02-02 Matt CaswellAdd a CI job to run the threads test with threads sanit...
2021-01-25 Richard LevitteGithub CI: Add a job for out-of-source build + install
2021-01-21 Tomas MrazCI: Add some legacy stuff that we do not test in GitHub...
2020-12-19 Richard LevitteGitHub CI: Separate no-deprecated job from minimal job
2020-12-17 Richard LevitteGitHub CI: Add 'check-update' and 'check-docs'
2020-12-17 Tomas MrazGithub CI: run also on repository pushes
2020-12-11 Matt CaswellDon't use no-asm in the Github CIs
2020-12-04 Dr. David von Oheimb{.travis,ci,appveyor}.yml: Make minimal config consiste...
2020-12-03 Dr. David von Oheimbci.yml: Let 'make' run silently (-s) with build (gcc...
2020-12-03 Dr. David von Oheimbci.yml: Add 'perl configdata.pm --dump' to each config
2020-11-24 Matt CaswellTurn on Github CI
2020-11-14 Richard LevitteFix a few github file references
2020-07-04 Gustaf NeumannFix typos and repeated words
2020-06-04 Kurt RoeckxAdd github sponsor button
2020-05-04 Leo NeatCIFuzz turning dry_run off
2020-03-05 Leo NeatAdd CIFuzz action
2020-03-04 Vladimir Panteleev.github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md: Fix link to contribut...
2020-02-26 Dr. Matthias St... doc: convert standard project docs to markdown
2019-10-30 Dr. Matthias St... Add a GitHub issue template for documentation issues
2019-10-30 Dr. Matthias St... Add a GitHub issue template for questions
2019-10-25 Dr. Matthias St... github: switch issue templates to new labels
2019-07-16 Kurt RoeckxAuto add a label depending on the type of issue they...
2018-11-13 Richard LevitteRemove markdown links from HTML comments in issue templates