Blow away Makefile.ssl.
authorBen Laurie <>
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:05:57 +0000 (13:05 +0000)
committerBen Laurie <>
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:05:57 +0000 (13:05 +0000)
Blow away Makefile.ssl.
54 files changed:
apps/Makefile [moved from apps/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/Makefile [moved from crypto/Makefile.ssl with 96% similarity]
crypto/aes/Makefile [moved from crypto/aes/Makefile.ssl with 95% similarity]
crypto/asn1/Makefile [moved from crypto/asn1/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/bf/Makefile [moved from crypto/bf/Makefile.ssl with 94% similarity]
crypto/bio/Makefile [moved from crypto/bio/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/bn/Makefile [moved from crypto/bn/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/buffer/Makefile [moved from crypto/buffer/Makefile.ssl with 93% similarity]
crypto/cast/Makefile [moved from crypto/cast/Makefile.ssl with 94% similarity]
crypto/comp/Makefile [moved from crypto/comp/Makefile.ssl with 95% similarity]
crypto/conf/Makefile [moved from crypto/conf/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/des/Makefile [moved from crypto/des/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/dh/Makefile [moved from crypto/dh/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/dsa/Makefile [moved from crypto/dsa/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/dso/Makefile [moved from crypto/dso/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/ec/Makefile [moved from crypto/ec/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/ecdh/Makefile [moved from crypto/ecdh/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/ecdsa/Makefile [moved from crypto/ecdsa/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/engine/Makefile [moved from crypto/engine/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/err/Makefile [moved from crypto/err/Makefile.ssl with 95% similarity]
crypto/evp/Makefile [moved from crypto/evp/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/hmac/Makefile [moved from crypto/hmac/Makefile.ssl with 92% similarity]
crypto/idea/Makefile [moved from crypto/idea/Makefile.ssl with 92% similarity]
crypto/krb5/Makefile [moved from crypto/krb5/Makefile.ssl with 91% similarity]
crypto/lhash/Makefile [moved from crypto/lhash/Makefile.ssl with 93% similarity]
crypto/md2/Makefile [moved from crypto/md2/Makefile.ssl with 93% similarity]
crypto/md4/Makefile [moved from crypto/md4/Makefile.ssl with 92% similarity]
crypto/md5/Makefile [moved from crypto/md5/Makefile.ssl with 94% similarity]
crypto/mdc2/Makefile [moved from crypto/mdc2/Makefile.ssl with 94% similarity]
crypto/objects/Makefile [moved from crypto/objects/Makefile.ssl with 96% similarity]
crypto/ocsp/Makefile [moved from crypto/ocsp/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/pem/Makefile [moved from crypto/pem/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/pkcs12/Makefile [moved from crypto/pkcs12/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/pkcs7/Makefile [moved from crypto/pkcs7/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/rand/Makefile [moved from crypto/rand/Makefile.ssl with 97% similarity]
crypto/rc2/Makefile [moved from crypto/rc2/Makefile.ssl with 93% similarity]
crypto/rc4/Makefile [moved from crypto/rc4/Makefile.ssl with 95% similarity]
crypto/rc5/Makefile [moved from crypto/rc5/Makefile.ssl with 94% similarity]
crypto/ripemd/Makefile [moved from crypto/ripemd/Makefile.ssl with 93% similarity]
crypto/rsa/Makefile [moved from crypto/rsa/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
crypto/sha/Makefile [moved from crypto/sha/Makefile.ssl with 96% similarity]
crypto/stack/Makefile [moved from crypto/stack/Makefile.ssl with 92% similarity]
crypto/store/Makefile [moved from crypto/store/Makefile.ssl with 96% similarity]
crypto/txt_db/Makefile [moved from crypto/txt_db/Makefile.ssl with 92% similarity]
crypto/ui/Makefile [moved from crypto/ui/Makefile.ssl with 96% similarity]
crypto/x509/Makefile [moved from crypto/x509/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
crypto/x509v3/Makefile [moved from crypto/x509v3/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
engines/Makefile [moved from engines/Makefile.ssl with 98% similarity]
ssl/Makefile [moved from ssl/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
test/Makefile [moved from test/Makefile.ssl with 99% similarity]
tools/Makefile [moved from tools/Makefile.ssl with 86% similarity]