14 hours ago Pauliby laws: remove the necessity for the OMC to invite... master
12 days ago Dr. Matthias... policies/sidebar: add link to OpenSSL Technical Policies
12 days ago PauliMerge SHA2 entries in FIPS table
12 days ago Pauli3.0 design: remove the SP 800-90 entropy testing entry.
12 days ago Pauli3.0 design: remove the compliance column.
2020-11-05 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash for alpha 8 release
2020-11-04 PauliRemove the TLS fixes items for CBC and key agreement.
2020-11-04 PauliUpdate FIPS algorithm list to indicate compliance.
2020-11-04 PauliUpdate FIPS algorithm list.
2020-10-21 Matt CaswellAdd link to blog post about alpha7
2020-10-15 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash for alpha7 release
2020-10-09 PauliAdd Siemens to the list of companies that support the...
2020-10-01 Dr. Matthias... otc-policies: Add 'Voting Procedure' section
2020-10-01 Dr. Matthias... otc-policies: Add an 'OpenSSL Technical Polices' page
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellUpdate the Release schedule in the release strategy
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellCLA page clarifications
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellAdd a new section to the Coding Style about argument...
2020-09-22 Matt CaswellUpdates for the 1.1.1h release
2020-09-09 Mark J. CoxAdd Racoon advisory, vulnerability db entry, and newsfl...
2020-09-05 Matt CaswellPublish project admin blog post
2020-08-16 Mark J. CoxAdd to the sponsor list for the bronze equiv...
2020-08-06 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash.txt for the alpha6 release
2020-07-16 Richard LevitteAdd note about Alpha 5 in newsflash.txt
2020-06-30 Matt CaswellAdd Alpha4 blog post link
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellAdd note about Alpha 4 in newsflash.txt
2020-06-04 Matt CaswellUpdates for Alpha 3 release
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #171 from t8m/master
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #165 from iamamoose/nostandards
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #179 from iamamoose/sponsors
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxClosing tag
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxAdd a link to our GitHub sponsors page; we do need...
2020-05-28 Richard LevitteAdapt man-page making for OpenSSL master / 3.0
2020-05-26 Matt CaswellMention some blog posts in the newsflash file
2020-05-15 Matt CaswellAdd some notes about 3.0 on the download page
2020-05-15 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash for alpha2 release
2020-05-12 Mark J. CoxUpdate policy to add to prenotifications as per OMC...
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellAdd a link to the Alpha 1 blog post
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash for 3.0 alpha 1 release
2020-04-21 Matt CaswellAdd a link to the Security Advisory into newsflash
2020-04-21 Matt CaswellUpdates for 1.1.1g release
2020-04-16 Tomáš MrázMention the CLA: trivial marker
2020-04-13 Matt CaswellDon't die if we only have one tarball
2020-04-11 Benjamin KadukAdd FAQ entry for "server sends HTTP headers in a loop"
2020-03-31 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash.txt for new release
2020-03-31 Richard LevitteFix 'make relupd'
2020-03-20 Mark J. CoxThe standards page is out of date and we don't want...
2020-03-20 Mark J. CoxSimple fix for #159 if we can't open the schema tell...
2020-03-20 Mark J. CoxMitre have been stripping whitespace after commas on...
2020-03-19 Mark J. CoxUpdate security.txt to a clearsigned version with non...
2020-03-19 Mark J. Coxtypo
2020-03-17 Matt CaswellUpdate website for new release
2020-02-17 Matt CaswellAdd link to the QUIC blog post
2020-01-22 Matt CaswellUpdate the Release Strategy for 3.0
2020-01-07 Matt CaswellUpdate the website to remove a number of 1.0.2 references
2020-01-03 Matt CaswellCreate an OTC page on the website
2020-01-03 Matt CaswellUpdate policies for OTC changes
2020-01-03 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #148 from mattcaswell/remove-110...
2020-01-03 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #151 from iamamoose/eolstatements
2020-01-03 Mark J. CoxAllow a default statement if our page is not for a...
2020-01-03 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #150 from iamamoose/eolstatements
2020-01-03 Mark J. CoxUpdate the vulnerability XML to also include some state...
2019-12-20 Matt CaswellUpdates for the 1.0.2u release
2019-12-17 Matt CaswellRemove an additional 1.1.0 reference
2019-12-17 Matt CaswellDrop 1.1.0 as a current release
2019-12-16 Matt CaswellUpdate the by-laws to introduce the OTC concept
2019-12-06 Matt CaswellUpdate newsflash for security advisory
2019-12-06 Matt CaswellAdd security advisory for CVE-2019-1551
2019-12-04 Kurt RoeckxUpdate key's expiration date
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellClarify the Premium support contract wording
2019-11-11 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #140 from iamamoose/sponsorship
2019-11-11 Mark J. CoxBetter grammar for where the support goes
2019-11-11 Mark J. CoxUpdate the sponsorship page to be current with the...
2019-11-11 Matt CaswellAdd a link to the new blog post
2019-09-11 Richard Levitte.htaccess: force .sha256 files to application/binary
2019-09-11 Richard Levittesource: Remove gz encoding on .gz.sha256 files
2019-09-10 Matt CaswellFix typo in advisories
2019-09-10 Matt CaswellWebsite updates for new releases
2019-07-31 Matt CaswellCorrect typo in security advisory
2019-07-30 Richard LevitteCVE-2019-1552 security advisory
2019-07-07 PauliInclude description of a trivial commit.
2019-07-06 Richard LevitteWhen producing HTML man-pages, include the original...
2019-06-07 Matt CaswellUpdate the copyright date in the licence file
2019-05-28 Richard LevitteUpdates for releases 1.0.2s, 1.1.0k and 1.1.1c
2019-05-12 Kurt RoeckxUpdate security policy
2019-05-12 Mark J. CoxDiscussed at the OMC face to face that we should make...
2019-05-08 Richard LevitteUpdate of 3.0.0 design: addition of a provider context
2019-03-15 Dr. Matthias... OpenSSL300Design: fix two broken links
2019-03-15 Dr. Matthias... OpenSSL300Design: lighten watermark
2019-03-06 Matt CaswellWebsite updates for CVE-2019-1543
2019-03-04 Richard LevitteDon't try to hide section numbers / links in manpages
2019-02-28 Richard Levittebin/mk-manpages: allow slashes in names
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteAdd commentary in the Makefile to explain what is going on
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteChange news/ to use Template Toolkit
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteClean up .gitignore
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: generate vulnerabilities indexes...
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: generate source indexes from templates
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: remove the manpage dir cleanup from...
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: generate docs/manpages.html from...
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: generate all manpage indexes from...
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: produce news/changelog.html from...