bin/mk-notes: correct the anchor links to the CVE descriptions
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2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #171 from t8m/master
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #165 from iamamoose/nostandards
2020-05-15 Matt CaswellAdd some notes about 3.0 on the download page
2020-01-07 Matt CaswellUpdate the website to remove a number of 1.0.2 references
2019-12-17 Matt CaswellDrop 1.1.0 as a current release
2019-06-07 Matt CaswellUpdate the copyright date in the licence file
2019-02-28 Richard LevitteRemove redundancy: generate source indexes from templates
2018-12-06 Rich SalzSwitch to new (ASF) license
2018-11-12 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #94 from iamamoose/master
2018-10-28 PauliMerge branch 'master' of
2018-10-26 JoeSmall typo fix
2018-09-11 Matt CaswellUpdates for the 1.1.1 release
2018-08-30 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #75 from iamamoose/mirrors
2018-08-30 Mark J. Coxremove broken mirrors
2018-05-05 Rich SalzRemove NSA license and mention of it
2018-04-03 Richard Levittesource/.htaccess: I forgot it's autogenerated
2018-03-29 Richard Levittesource/: translate /source/openssl-x.y.z*.tar.gz -...
2018-02-27 Matt CaswellAdd old source directories for 1.1.1
2018-01-11 Richard LevitteSteve Henson doesn't sign releases any longer
2017-08-23 Rich SalzMake some wording snappier/less verbose.
2017-06-01 Rich Salz1.0.0 --> 1.1.0 in example
2017-05-31 Rich SalzRe-org to replace "team" with "omc"
2017-01-02 Matt CaswellUpdates to website for 1.0.1 going out of support
2016-10-19 Rich SalzRemove SWITCH per their request
2016-10-05 Matt CaswellAdd details about the PGP keys used to sign releases.
2016-09-15 Rich SalzUpdate text about snapshots
2016-09-14 Rich Salzfix typo
2016-09-14 Rich SalzRemove ftp references (except for snapshots)
2016-09-02 Rich SalzSome .inc files should not have been renamed.
2016-09-02 Rich SalzMore .inc->.shtml renaming
2016-09-02 Rich Salzfix one inc link
2016-09-02 Rich SalzRename .inc files to .shtml
2016-09-01 Rich SalzAdd NSA license
2016-08-25 Richard Levittesource/.htaccess is generated, it was a mistake to...
2016-08-25 Matt CaswellUpdates for 1.1.0
2016-08-22 Rich SalzRemove some down sites (just tested)
2016-06-22 Richard LevitteUpdate the redirection of latest source
2016-04-28 Mark J. CoxMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-19 Matt CaswellFix reference to 1.1.0 being in alpha testing
2016-03-25 Richard LevitteCorrect path for 1.0.2 shortcuts
2016-03-25 Richard LevitteMake source/.htaccess versioned
2016-02-15 Richard LevitteAdd an index.html in source/old/1.1.0
2016-01-29 Rich SalzRevert "Remove 0.9.8/1.0.0 source downloads"
2016-01-29 Rich Salzadd emphasis as originally desired
2016-01-29 Rich SalzAdd space, wordwrap.
2016-01-29 Matt CaswellTweak text to remove a duplicated sentence.
2016-01-28 Rich SalzRemove 0.9.8/1.0.0 source downloads
2016-01-28 Matt CaswellUpdate wording on download page
2016-01-15 Richard LevitteTitle the 1.1.0 directory correctly
2016-01-15 Richard LevitteWe have a 1.1.0 directory as well
2015-12-11 Matt CaswellAdd more guidance on the different versions on download...
2015-12-03 Richard LevitteRemove source/.htaccess from versioning since it's...
2015-11-30 Rich SalzTypo fix; missing paren
2015-11-30 Rich SalzAdd link to release strategy.
2015-10-28 Rich SalzAdd GitHub URL
2015-10-23 Richard LevitteIncorporate source/.htaccess in version control
2015-09-17 Andrew JankeVarious spelling and grammar fixes.
2015-08-17 Rich Salzmove #include to right place
2015-08-17 Rich SalzFix breadcrumbs and over-eager .htaccess
2015-08-17 Rich Salzalphabetize; remove
2015-08-16 Rich SalzFix FAQ links for new website
2015-08-16 Viktor Szakatsuse https URLs where available
2015-08-16 Rich Salzfix faq link (alliteration almost)
2015-08-15 Rich SalzCreate "latest" links
2015-08-15 Rich SalzRemove old images, broken link, mv OCB license
2015-08-15 Rich Salzmv some files, fix some links.
2015-08-15 Rich SalzMore work on old release URL's
2015-08-15 Rich SalzRemove HOWTO (for now?), old URL patching.
2015-08-15 Rich SalzFix source/old indices
2015-08-15 Rich SalzFLIP THE SWITCH
2015-07-09 Richard LevitteRevert "Don't display 'latest' symlinks"
2015-07-09 Richard LevitteMove up the processing of 'latest' URLs
2015-07-09 Richard LevitteRewrite the source/.htaccess hack
2015-07-09 Richard LevitteDon't display 'latest' symlinks
2015-03-24 Richard LevitteAdd a RewriteBase, or the physical directory will be...
2015-03-23 Richard LevitteDo not have a starting slash, since we've not top of...
2015-03-23 Richard LevitteMake a virtual link to the latest source called latest...
2015-03-02 Rich SalzRevert "warning about download links broken."
2015-03-02 Rich Salzwarning about download links broken.
2015-01-08 Rich SalzCopy LICENSE to source/ to be less brittle.
2015-01-06 Rich SalzReplace links with github ones.
2015-01-06 Rich SalzRemove gitweb tab; use github folks :)
2014-12-23 Rich SalzMisc cleanups
2014-12-19 rootAdd WML files to make the old archive listings look...
2014-12-01 rootRemove related, add more RT links
2014-12-01 rootRemove needless #wml lines
2014-12-01 rootMore cleanups.
2014-11-20 Kurt RoeckxAdd a RewriteCond for each rule
2014-11-20 rootAdd modrewrite for old tarballs
2014-11-20 Rich SalzRemove CVS links and such
2014-11-19 Rich SalzMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-19 Rich SalzPlease stop me before I tweak it again!
2014-11-19 Rich SalzPlease stop me before I tweak it again!
2014-11-19 Rich SalzWordsmith index; remove cvsweb tab
2014-11-19 Rich SalzRewrite; add link to github, etc.
2014-11-19 Rich SalzMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-19 Rich SalzRemove some more unreachable sites
2014-11-13 Matt CaswellAdd guidance on git for Windows users
2014-10-16 Mark J. CoxMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-16 Rich Salzupdate to roadmap; tweaked mirror information