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[openssl-web.git] / policies /
2020-11-23 Pauliby laws: remove the necessity for the OMC to invite...
2020-11-11 Dr. Matthias St... policies/sidebar: add link to OpenSSL Technical Policies
2020-10-01 Dr. Matthias St... otc-policies: Add 'Voting Procedure' section
2020-10-01 Dr. Matthias St... otc-policies: Add an 'OpenSSL Technical Polices' page
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellUpdate the Release schedule in the release strategy
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellCLA page clarifications
2020-09-24 Matt CaswellAdd a new section to the Coding Style about argument...
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #171 from t8m/master
2020-06-04 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #165 from iamamoose/nostandards
2020-05-12 Mark J. CoxUpdate policy to add to prenotifications as per OMC...
2020-04-16 Tomáš MrázMention the CLA: trivial marker
2020-01-22 Matt CaswellUpdate the Release Strategy for 3.0
2020-01-03 Matt CaswellUpdate policies for OTC changes
2019-12-16 Matt CaswellUpdate the by-laws to introduce the OTC concept
2019-07-07 PauliInclude description of a trivial commit.
2019-05-12 Kurt RoeckxUpdate security policy
2019-05-12 Mark J. CoxDiscussed at the OMC face to face that we should make...
2019-02-27 Matt CaswellUpdate the release strategy modification date
2019-02-27 Matt CaswellAdd a stability policy to the release strategy
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteGeneralise the descriptions of alpha, beta, and release...
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteRemove the 1.1.1 time table and add support information
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteRelease strategy: add text on the 3.0.0 versioning...
2018-12-06 Matt CaswellUpdate CLA templates
2018-12-05 Dr. Matthias St... cla.html: make CLA download links and email address...
2018-10-10 Matt CaswellCorrect the contact email on the trademark page
2018-09-24 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #84 from iamamoose/vulns111
2018-09-18 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #77 from iamamoose/oss
2018-09-18 Mark J. CoxMerge pull request #78 from iamamoose/osf
2018-09-18 Mark J. CoxUpdate to latest OSF bylaws
2018-09-18 Mark J. CoxUpdate to the latest OSS bylaws
2018-09-18 Mark J. CoxAdd OSS bylaws and details of OSS to the contact page...
2018-08-14 Rich SalzFix date for when travel policy was approved
2018-05-30 Rich SalzRemove rationale paragraph
2018-05-29 Matt CaswellUpdate the release strategy
2018-05-23 Rich SalzRevert "Remove rationale, clarify language."
2018-05-23 Rich SalzRemove rationale, clarify language.
2018-05-23 Matt CaswellRemove the Forthcoming Features section as per OMC...
2018-05-16 Mark J. CoxUpdate policy to remove a guiding principle as per...
2018-04-25 Mark J. CoxUpdate the URL to save having to click through twice...
2018-03-12 Richard LevitteUpdate the release dates according to OMC vote
2018-03-01 Rich SalzAddress issue 44
2018-02-28 Rich SalzAdd Travel Reimbursement policy
2018-02-06 Matt CaswellUpdate release strategy for 1.1.1
2018-01-29 Mark J. CoxSo we can link directly to severities
2018-01-23 Mark J. CoxFix link wrapping issue
2018-01-23 Mark J. CoxSimplify security policy, as per f2f discussion and...
2018-01-02 Rich SalzMove OSS to website
2018-01-01 nickthetaitAdd CLA link; remove outdated OpenGear link.
2017-12-26 Jörn HeisslerFix duplicate words in in codingstyle.txt
2017-12-21 Tim Hudsonupdate roadmap as per face to face decisions
2017-12-20 Tim Hudsonmore formatting
2017-12-20 Tim Hudsoncorrect formatting
2017-12-20 Tim Hudsonadded bylaws change history
2017-12-20 Tim Hudsonadd leave-of-absence as per OMC vote
2017-12-15 Rich SalzRemove reference to 1.0.3.
2017-12-15 Mark J CoxAdd link from "employers" to the actual list, for trans...
2017-12-06 Rich SalzRemove OVS mention (after vote)
2017-11-24 Tim Hudsonalign policy wording with bylaws
2017-11-16 Rich SalzRestore OVS to bylaws
2017-11-16 Rich SalzBylaws transparency
2017-11-14 Rich SalzRemove OVS, FIPS Private Label
2017-10-31 Rich SalzAdd trademark policy
2017-08-23 Rich SalzMake some wording snappier/less verbose.
2017-07-02 Rich SalzAdd prolog to committers page; fix typo
2017-06-03 Rich SalzUpdate to https in link
2017-05-31 Rich SalzRe-org to replace "team" with "omc"
2017-03-30 Rich Salzpublish committers guidelines
2017-03-16 Kurt RoeckxFix typo
2017-03-16 Rich Salzfix typos
2017-03-16 Rich Salzfix typos
2017-03-16 Rich SalzAdd final(?) draft of committer guidelines
2017-03-07 Rich SalzFix typo in example
2017-02-13 Matt CaswellAdd Bylaws to the website
2017-01-31 Rich SalzMark 1.0.1 EOL, updated examples.
2017-01-05 Tim Hudsonupdate policy based on team vote
2017-01-03 Rich Salzweasel-word apache practice compliance
2017-01-03 Rich Salzfix typo
2017-01-02 Rich SalzAdd OSF bylaws
2016-11-14 Rich SalzCLA now required, not "soon"
2016-10-25 Richard LevitteInstall the new roadmap, saving away the old
2016-10-25 Richard LevitteNew roadmap and platform policy
2016-10-25 Rich SalzAdd policy docs from 2016 F2F, per vote.
2016-10-12 Rich SalzRT is being put out to pasture
2016-10-04 Rich SalzUpdate bug graph
2016-09-12 Matt CaswellAdd <em> tags
2016-09-12 Matt CaswellRemove <b> tags
2016-09-12 Matt CaswellAdd statement about email addresses in the ICLA
2016-09-06 Matt CaswellUpdate release strategy with agreed 1.1.0 support period
2016-09-02 Rich SalzMore .inc->.shtml renaming
2016-09-02 Rich SalzRename .inc files to .shtml
2016-08-02 Rich SalzFix "last updated" date
2016-07-31 Richard LevitteNew dates determined
2016-07-27 Richard LevitteWe will release 1.1.0 in august
2016-07-09 Rich SalzTypo fixes from FdaSilvaYY
2016-05-11 Rich SalzRemove CLA mention; it's in CONTRIBUTING now.
2016-04-28 Mark J. CoxMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-20 Rich Salzblank line before section header
2016-04-20 Rich SalzAdd copyright/contribution section.
2016-04-11 Rich Salzfix wordwrap glitch
2016-04-08 Richard LevitteUpdate release strategy with new dates