bin/mk-notes: correct the anchor links to the CVE descriptions
[openssl-web.git] / .htaccess
2019-09-11 Richard Levitte.htaccess: force .sha256 files to application/binary
2016-09-15 Richard LevitteRedirect /snapshot to /source/snapshot
2016-08-13 Rich SalzAdd Akamai
2016-07-27 Rich SalzRevert "Add some redirects"
2016-07-27 Rich SalzAdd some redirects
2016-06-20 Rich SalzAdd static 404 error page.
2015-12-03 Rich Salzredirect /license to policies/cla
2015-10-26 Richard LevitteRedirect the old releasestrat.html location
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteUse Redirect rather than RewriteRule, and add one for...
2015-08-15 Rich SalzCLA PDF's moved
2015-08-15 Rich SalzFLIP THE SWITCH
2015-07-14 Richard LevitteDon't allow anyone to access any .git folder through...
2014-12-04 rootRewrite for related/binaries.html
2014-06-06 Mark J. CoxRemember this is useless
2010-10-29 Dr. Stephen Hensonset favicon mime type
2008-09-14 Dr. Stephen HensonStick to application/binary....
2008-09-14 Dr. Stephen HensonTry text/plain....
2008-09-14 Dr. Stephen HensonSend .asc types with a more useful MIME type.
2008-05-06 Lutz JänickeUpdate handling of file types
2003-02-19 Richard LevitteOops, no touchy .htaccess...
2003-02-19 Richard LevitteAnnounce the release of 0.9.7a and 0.9.6i.
1999-02-15 opensslNow AccessFileName is again the default name .htaccess to
1999-01-29 opensslImport sources to CVS OpenSSL initial_website