10 hours ago Geoff ThorpeRemove demos/tunala master
11 hours ago Andy PolyakovCHANGES: mention new platforms.
32 hours ago Billy Brumley"EC_POINT_invert" was checking "dbl" function pointer...
34 hours ago Tim HudsonRemove old unused and unmaintained demonstration code.
40 hours ago Andy shave off one cycle from BODY_20_39
43 hours ago Tim HudsonMinor documentation update removing "really" and a
2 days ago Dr. Stephen... Add test header, sync ordinals with 1.0.2
2 days ago Andy PolyakovEngage GHASH for PowerISA 2.0.7.
2 days ago Andy PolyakovAdd GHASH for PowerISA 2.0.7.
3 days ago Dr. Stephen... Windows build fixes.
3 days ago Dr. Stephen... Fix documentation for RSA_set_method(3)
3 days ago Mike BlandCheck the test registry size during add_test()
3 days ago Mike BlandUpdate heartbeat_test #includes
3 days ago Mike BlandUse testutil registry in heartbeat_test
3 days ago Mike Blandtest/testutil.c test registry functions.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... RFC 5649 support.
5 days ago Dr. Stephen... Make *Final work for key wrap again.
5 days ago Dr. Stephen... Sanity check lengths for AES wrap algorithm.
5 days ago Jeffrey WaltonFix typo, add reference.
6 days ago Matt CaswellDisabled XTS mode in enc utility as it is not supported
6 days ago Andy PolyakovRevert "Add GHASH for PowerISA 2.07."
6 days ago Andy PolyakovRevert "Engage GHASH for PowerISA 2.07."
6 days ago Andy PolyakovEngage GHASH for PowerISA 2.07.
6 days ago Andy PolyakovAdd GHASH for PowerISA 2.07.
7 days ago Matt CaswellAdd Matt Caswell's fingerprint, and general update...
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... Clarify -Verify and PSK.
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... Fix DTLS certificate requesting code.
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... Don't allow -www etc options with DTLS.
8 days ago Rich SalzMerge branch 'master' of
8 days ago Dr. Stephen... Use case insensitive compare for servername.
8 days ago Hubert Kariodocument -nextprotoneg option in man pages
8 days ago Dr. Stephen... Use more common name for GOST key exchange.
8 days ago Dr. Stephen... Fix typo.
8 days ago Rich SalzAdd tags/TAGS; approved by tjh
9 days ago Matt CaswellFixed valgrind complaint due to BN_consttime_swap readi...
9 days ago Peter MosmansAdd names of GOST algorithms.
9 days ago Richard Levitte* crypto/ui/ui_lib.c: misplaced brace in switch statement.
12 days ago Ben LaurieDon't clean up uninitialised EVP_CIPHER_CTX on error...
13 days ago Matt CaswellFix memory leak in BIO_free if there is no destroy...
13 days ago Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: improve masm support.
2014-07-08 Andy PolyakovPlease Clang's sanitizer, addendum.
2014-07-08 Andy PolyakovPlease Clang's sanitizer.
2014-07-07 Andy Polyakovapps/speed.c: fix compiler warnings in multiblock_speed().
2014-07-07 Andy Polyakovsha[1|512] fix logical errors with $shaext=0.
2014-07-07 David LloydPrevent infinite loop loading config files.
2014-07-07 Viktor DukhovniImprove X509_check_host() documentation.
2014-07-07 Viktor DukhovniUpdate API to use (char *) for email addresses and...
2014-07-06 Dr. Stephen... Usage for -hack and -prexit -verify_return_error
2014-07-06 Dr. Stephen... Document certificate status request options.
2014-07-06 Dr. Stephen... s_server usage for certificate status requests
2014-07-05 Dr. Stephen... Sanity check keylength in PVK files.
2014-07-05 Jeffrey WaltonAdded reference to platform specific cryptographic...
2014-07-05 Matt CaswellFixed error in pod files with latest versions of pod2man
2014-07-05 Andy fix typo.
2014-07-05 Andy Polyakovs3_pkt.c: fix typo.
2014-07-05 Andy Polyakovapps/speed.c: add multi-block benchmark.
2014-07-05 Alan HryngleReturn smaller of ret and f.
2014-07-05 Viktor DukhovniSet optional peername when X509_check_host() succeeds.
2014-07-05 Viktor DukhovniNew peername element in X509_VERIFY_PARAM_ID
2014-07-05 Ben LaurieReduce casting nastiness.
2014-07-05 Ben LaurieReduce casting nastiness.
2014-07-05 Dr. Stephen... Don't limit message sizes in ssl3_get_cert_verify.
2014-07-04 Dr. Stephen... Add license info.
2014-07-04 Dr. Stephen... typo
2014-07-04 Dr. Stephen... Remove all RFC5878 code.
2014-07-03 Dr. Stephen... Update ticket callback docs.
2014-07-03 Rich SalzClose 3170, remove reference to Ariel Glenn's old 0...
2014-07-03 Rich SalzRT 1638; EVP_*Final() should mention they no longer...
2014-07-03 Rich SalzRT3408; fix some (not all suggested) typo's in openssl.cnf
2014-07-03 Rich SalzMerge branch 'rsalz-docfixes'
2014-07-03 Rich SalzClose a whole bunch of documentation-related tickets:
2014-07-02 Andy Polyakove_os.h: limit _MSC_VER trickery to older compilers.
2014-07-02 Andy Polyakovbn_exp.c: fix x86_64-specific crash with one-word modulus.
2014-07-02 Matt SmartFix doc typo.
2014-07-02 Thijs AlkemadeMake disabling last cipher work.
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... ASN1 sanity check.
2014-07-01 Libor KrystekAdd support for SHA2 in CAPI ENGINE.
2014-07-01 Ben LaurieFix possible buffer overrun.
2014-07-01 Rich SalzRT 1528; misleading debug print, "pre-master" should...
2014-07-01 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ update.
2014-07-01 Andy PolyakovEngage SHA256/512 for PowerISA 2.07.
2014-07-01 Andy PolyakovAdd SHA256/512 for PowerISA 2.07.
2014-07-01 Rich SalzRT 1530; fix incorrect comment
2014-07-01 Rich SalzRT 1229; typo in comment "dont't"->"don't"
2014-07-01 Rich SalzRT 3245; it's "bitwise or" not "logical or"
2014-07-01 Rich SalzFix RT 3211; "and are" -->"are"
2014-07-01 Rich SalzFix RT 2567; typo in pkeyutl page.
2014-07-01 Rich SalzFix RT 2430; typo's in ca.pod
2014-07-01 Rich SalzFix RT 3193
2014-07-01 Andy fix linking problem under Windows.
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Windows build fixes.
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Make NO_SYS_UN_H compile.
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Accessor functions for app_data in ECDSA_METHOD
2014-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Test copying of contexts in evp_test.
2014-06-30 Ben LaurieMake depend.
2014-06-30 Dr. Stephen... Fix copy for CCM, GCM and XTS.
2014-06-29 Dr. Stephen... Don't core dump when using CMAC with dgst.
2014-06-29 Jeffrey WaltonClarified that the signature's buffer size, `s`, is...
2014-06-29 Ben LaurieMore constification.