14 hours ago Dr. Stephen... Document signature algorithm setting functions. master
14 hours ago Dr. Stephen... Add some OCSP documentation.
14 hours ago Dr. Stephen... Allow any order for signature algorithm string.
38 hours ago Matt CaswellAdd test for SSL_set_session_ticket_ext
40 hours ago Matt CaswellRemove support for SSL3_FLAGS_DELAY_CLIENT_FINISHED
5 days ago Emilia Kasperrsaz_exp.h: align license with the rest of the contribution
6 days ago Dr. Stephen... Document shared sigalgs functions.
6 days ago Rich SalzSome cleanups for crypto/bn
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... free names before context
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... typo
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... Update demo.
7 days ago Dr. Stephen... SSL_CONF additions.
9 days ago Rich SalzRewrite crypto/ex_data
10 days ago Dr. Stephen... Use uint32_t consistently for flags.
13 days ago Rich SalzRemove obsolete key formats.
13 days ago manchaFix author credit for e5c0bc6
13 days ago Rich SalzRevert "Missing perldoc markup around < literal"
13 days ago Ernie HersheyGH322: Fix typo in generated comment.
2015-07-15 Viktor DukhovniMaintain backwards-compatible SSLv23_method macros
2015-07-14 Rich SalzCan't use -trusted with -CA{path,file}
2015-07-14 GitHub UserMissing perldoc markup around < literal
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteConversion to UTF-8 where needed
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteSmall script to re-encode files that need it to UTF-8
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteRemove extra '; \' in apps/Makefile
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteSet numeric IDs for tar as well
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteStop using tardy
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... correct example
2015-07-09 Peter WaltenbergExit on error in ecparam
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... make stacks
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... Sort @sstacklst correctly.
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellApply some missing updates from previous commits
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellExtend -show_chain option to verify to show more info
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd help text for some verify options
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for some missing verify options
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellReject calls to X509_verify_cert that have not been...
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd test for CVE-2015-1793
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellFix alternate chains certificate forgery issue
2015-07-07 Richard LevitteDocument the nameopt change
2015-07-07 Richard LevitteMake "oneline" the default for nameopt
2015-07-06 Dr. Stephen... document -2 return value
2015-07-06 Dr. Stephen... Relax CCM tag check.
2015-06-30 Dr. Stephen... Dup peer_chain properly in SSL_SESSION
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... Check for errors with SRP
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... Use single master secret generation function.
2015-06-28 Kurt RoeckxCheck dgram_sctp_write() return value.
2015-06-28 Kurt RoeckxCheck BIO_dgram_sctp_wait_for_dry() return value for...
2015-06-25 Dr. Stephen... missing break
2015-06-25 Dr. Stephen... Don't output bogus errors in PKCS12_parse
2015-06-24 Dr. Stephen... Add docs for ssl verification parameter functions.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzFix windows build
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Fix PSK client handling.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Add PSK GCM ciphersuites from RFC5487
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... PSK trace keyex fixes.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Avoid duplication.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Tidy up ssl3_digest_cached_records logic.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzMore secure storage of key material.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzAdd $! to errors, use script basename.
2015-06-23 Vitezslav CizekGH297: Fix NAME section of SSL_CTX_use_serverinfo.pod
2015-06-23 Rich SalzRT3682: Avoid double-free on OCSP parse error
2015-06-23 Russell WebbRT3856: Fix memory leaks in test code
2015-06-23 Richard Levittemake update
2015-06-23 Richard LevitteRearrange rsaz
2015-06-23 Rich SalzRT3907-fix
2015-06-22 Rich SalzRT3907: avoid "local" in testssl script
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove SESS_CERT entirely.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Move peer chain to SSL_SESSION structure.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove unnuecessary ifdefs.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove certificates from sess_cert
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove peer temp keys from SESS_CERT
2015-06-21 Rich SalzRT3917: add cleanup on an error path
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : because we no longer use stdio here...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteAdd -ldl to the build of mttest.c
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : use BIO_free only, no preceding...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : do not try to output reference count...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : better error reporting when certs...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : make ssl_method a pointer to const
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : modernise output
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : modernise the threads setup
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : remove MS_CALLBACK
2015-06-21 Dr. Stephen... Revert "Avoid duplication."
2015-06-21 Dr. Stephen... Avoid duplication.
2015-06-21 Dr. Stephen... remove unnecessary NULL checks
2015-06-20 Dr. Stephen... typo: should be OPENSSL_free
2015-06-16 Richard LevitteMake preprocessor error into real preprocessor error
2015-06-16 Richard LevitteRemove one extraneous parenthesis
2015-06-15 Rich SalzRT2547: Tighten perms on generated privkey files
2015-06-15 Rich SalzRefactor into clear_ciphers; RT3588
2015-06-15 Tim HudsonFix argument processing error from the option parsing...
2015-06-15 Tim HudsonFix argument processing error from the option parsing...
2015-06-13 Dr. Stephen... Encode b == NULL or blen == 0 as zero.
2015-06-12 Adam LangleyAllow a zero length extension block
2015-06-12 Matt CaswellFix ABI break with HMAC
2015-06-11 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS
2015-06-11 Andy Polyakovbn/bn_gf2m.c: avoid infinite loop wich malformed ECPara...
2015-06-11 Emilia KasperPKCS#7: Fix NULL dereference with missing EncryptedContent.
2015-06-11 Emilia KasperFix length checks in X509_cmp_time to avoid out-of...
2015-06-11 Matt CaswellMore ssl_session_dup fixes
2015-06-11 Andy Polyakove_aes_cbc_hmac_sha*.c: address linker warning about...