24 hours ago Adam WilliamsonRT3511: doc fix; req default serial is random OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable
35 hours ago Richard LevitteAdd t1_ext and ssl_utst to the VMS build as well.
47 hours ago TANABE HiroyasuRT1325,2973: Add more extensions to c_rehash
2 days ago Andy work around warning.
2 days ago Andy Polyakovx86[_64] assembly pack: add Silvermont performance...
2 days ago Rich SalzRT2820: case-insensitive filenames on Darwin
2 days ago Rich SalzAdd tags/TAGS
2 days ago Rich SalzRT2119,3407: Updated to dgst.pod
2 days ago James WestbyRT1941: c_rehash.pod is missing
3 days ago Rich SalzRT2379: Bug in BIO_set_accept_port.pod
3 days ago Jim ReidRT2880: HFS is case-insensitive filenames
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... update ordinals
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Fix comments, add new test.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Custom extension documentation.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Rename some callbacks, fix alignment.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Use consistent function naming.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... New function SSL_extension_supported().
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... New extension callback features.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Callback revision.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Remove serverinfo checks.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Add custom extension sanity checks.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Custom extension revision.
4 days ago Dr. Stephen... Revision of custom extension code.
4 days ago Emilia KasperConstant-time utilities
5 days ago Raphael SpreitzerRT2400: ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8 missing initializer
5 days ago Rich SalzRT2308: Add extern "C" { ... } wrapper
5 days ago Emilia KasperExplicitly check for empty ASN.1 strings in d2i_ECPriva...
5 days ago Matt CaswellRT3065: automatically generate a missing EC public key
5 days ago Adam LangleyRT3065: ec_private_key_dont_crash
5 days ago Mihai MilitaruRT2210: Add missing EVP_cleanup to example
6 days ago John FitzgibbonRT2724: Remove extra declaration
6 days ago David GatwoodRT1744: SSL_CTX_set_dump_dh() doc feedback
7 days ago Jan SchaumannRT1804: fix EXAMPLE in EVP_EncryptInit.pod
8 days ago Matt CaswellTypo fixes to evp documentation.
10 days ago Adam LangleyRT3060: Limit the number of empty records.
10 days ago Adam LangleyRT3061: Don't SEGFAULT when trying to export a public...
10 days ago Emilia KasperImprove EVP_PKEY_sign documentation
11 days ago Emilia Kasperdefine inline for Visual Studio
11 days ago Emilia KasperFix build when BSAES_ASM is defined but VPAES_ASM is not
12 days ago Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-*.pl: allow spaces in Perl path name.
12 days ago Andy add commentary.
12 days ago Andy Polyakovcrypto/evp/e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha[1|256].c: fix compiler...
12 days ago Andy fix typo.
2014-08-15 Matt CaswellFixed out-of-bounds read errors in ssl3_get_key_exchange.
2014-08-15 Istvan NoszticziusFix use after free bug.
2014-08-13 Bodo MoellerFurther improve/fix ec_GFp_simple_points_make_affine...
2014-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Fix SRP authentication ciphersuites.
2014-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Test SRP authentication ciphersuites.
2014-08-07 Dr. Stephen... Only use FIPS EC methods in FIPS mode.
2014-08-06 Dr. Stephen... Check SRP parameters early.
2014-08-06 Dr. Stephen... Fix SRP buffer overrun vulnerability.
2014-08-06 Dr. Stephen... Fix SRP ciphersuite DoS vulnerability.
2014-08-06 Gabor TyukaszFix race condition in ssl_parse_serverhello_tlsext
2014-08-06 Emilia KasperFix OID handling:
2014-08-06 Emilia KäsperFix DTLS anonymous EC(DH) denial of service
2014-08-06 David BenjaminFix protocol downgrade bug in case of fragmented packets
2014-08-06 Adam LangleyRemove some duplicate DTLS code.
2014-08-06 Matt CaswellApplying same fix as in dtls1_process_out_of_seq_messag...
2014-08-06 Adam LangleyFix return code for truncated DTLS fragment.
2014-08-06 Adam LangleyFix memory leak from zero-length DTLS fragments.
2014-08-06 Matt CaswellFix DTLS handshake message size checks.
2014-08-06 Matt CaswellAdded comment for the frag->reassembly == NULL case...
2014-08-06 Adam LangleyAvoid double free when processing DTLS packets.
2014-08-01 Dr. Stephen... make update
2014-08-01 Dr. Stephen... Fix error discrepancy.
2014-08-01 Bodo MoellerUpdate $default_depflags to match current defaults.
2014-08-01 Bodo MoellerClean up CHANGES files: If a change is already present...
2014-08-01 Bodo MoellerSimplify and fix ec_GFp_simple_points_make_affine
2014-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Avoid multiple lock using FIPS DRBG.
2014-07-24 Dr. Stephen... Add conditional unit testing interface.
2014-07-22 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2-beta3-dev
2014-07-22 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2-beta2 release OpenSSL_1_0_2-beta2
2014-07-22 Matt Caswellmake update
2014-07-22 Dr. Stephen... update $default_depflags
2014-07-22 Andy PolyakovCHANGES: mention new platforms.
2014-07-21 Billy Brumley"EC_POINT_invert" was checking "dbl" function pointer...
2014-07-21 Tim HudsonRemove old unused and unmaintained demonstration code.
2014-07-21 Andy shave off one cycle from BODY_20_39
2014-07-21 Tim HudsonMinor documentation update removing "really" and a
2014-07-20 Dr. Stephen... Add test header to Makefile, update ordinals
2014-07-20 Andy PolyakovInitial POWER8 support from development branch.
2014-07-19 Dr. Stephen... Fix documentation for RSA_set_method(3)
2014-07-17 Dr. Stephen... Make *Final work for key wrap again.
2014-07-17 Dr. Stephen... Sanity check lengths for AES wrap algorithm.
2014-07-17 Jeffrey WaltonFix typo, add reference.
2014-07-16 Matt CaswellDisabled XTS mode in enc utility as it is not supported
2014-07-15 Matt CaswellAdd Matt Caswell's fingerprint, and general update...
2014-07-15 Dr. Stephen... Clarify -Verify and PSK.
2014-07-15 Dr. Stephen... Fix DTLS certificate requesting code.
2014-07-15 Dr. Stephen... Don't allow -www etc options with DTLS.
2014-07-14 Dr. Stephen... Use case insensitive compare for servername.
2014-07-14 Hubert Kariodocument -nextprotoneg option in man pages
2014-07-14 Dr. Stephen... Use more common name for GOST key exchange.
2014-07-13 Matt CaswellFixed valgrind complaint due to BN_consttime_swap readi...
2014-07-13 Peter MosmansAdd names of GOST algorithms.
2014-07-13 Richard Levitte* crypto/ui/ui_lib.c: misplaced brace in switch statement.
2014-07-10 Ben LaurieDon't clean up uninitialised EVP_CIPHER_CTX on error...
2014-07-09 Matt CaswellFix memory leak in BIO_free if there is no destroy...
2014-07-09 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: improve masm support.
2014-07-09 Andy PolyakovPlease Clang's sanitizer, addendum.